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Pistol and Rifle Fundamentals Package (2 Days)

$ 645.00

This course is the perfect choice for those who have had minimal/no formal firearms training, or for someone looking to knock off rust.  Through limited sized classes and individual instruction, those seeking to gain a strong foundation of gun handling and shooting fundamentals are ideal candidates for the class.  If you plan on taking future classes with us, this class will enable you to get far more out of the more involved classes.

After two days, you will leave with confidence, poise, and a shooter development plan for structured practice  with both the pistol and rifle.  

To watch Reid discuss this class, click HERE.

Day one (Pistol) covers the following:

We recommend that you take this class with everyday carry in mind.  This means a concealable holster (appendix or hip) if concealed carry is your primary role or open carry on duty belt/holster if LE or military.

--Firearm safety

--Fundamentals of marksmanship

--Professionally structured and "stepped" training process for the beginner or experienced shooter.

--Effective gun handling

--Marksmanship at various distances

--Drawing from the holster

--Presentation of the pistol

--Ready positions

--Situational awareness

--Malfunction clearance

--Loading and reloading

--Professionally structured training and practice regimen for personal improvement

Day two (Rifle) covers the following:

--Firearm Safety

--Fundamentals of marksmanship

--Proper rifle zero

--Manipulation of the rifle

--Shooting positions: standing, kneeling, and prone

--Ready positions


--Individual movement with the rifle

--Situational awareness

--Loading and reloading

--Weapon maintenance

--Practice regimen for future development

Required equipment list:

We recommend that students begin with iron sights on both pistol and rifle, but this is an individual decision.  You will get more from the training and your future development if you do this. 

  • Pistol (Bring a spare pistol if you have one.)
  • Minimum of 150 rounds of factory loaded pistol ammunition. 
  • Quality kydex or leather holster that stays open for reholstering.  Soft holsters are not allowed in class. 
  • Belt
  • 3 pistol magazines
  • Rifle with white light and sling.  Two point sling  recommended. (Bring a spare rifle if you have one.)
  • Minimum of 150 rounds of factory loaded rifle ammunition. 
  • 3 rifle magazines
  • Ballistic rated eye protection.  Lowe's or Walmart has these.   
  • Electronic ear protection
  • Pen and notebook 
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Rain gear
  • Gun cleaning gear
  • You will need to bring a lunch

Training is only open to legal, US Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) per ITAR  (22 CFR §§120-130)

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